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Pastor Peter Ndamba and African Ministries International

Pastor Peter Ndamba and African Ministries International are embarking on the next phase of their mission to change lives and further Christ’s work. African Ministries International has three new initiatives for which they are seeking financial partnerships in order to complete these projects and help the people of Zimbabwe. These projects are:

•  Zimbabwe Agape Preschool
African Ministries International is seeking financial support to finish the Agape Preschool and 3 Classroom Blocks. Currently, the preschool is in need of money to provide salaries for teachers, a school vehicle so that transportation can be provided, and books and supplies for children to learn. We would like to have electricity for the school, as well as the construction of a cafeteria/dining hall, so financial support for these projects is welcomed. In addition, the Agape Preschool needs desks, chairs, toys and donations for food to the school so teachers and children can be fed.

• Land Acquisition
African Ministries International is in the process of identifying key parcels of land for acquisition, and we are seeking financial donations towards this goal. Land will help us promote our ministry to further Christ and Jesus’s Gospel by allowing us to grow crops for food. We are also in need of tractors and all farm equipment to achieve this goal.

• Apartments & Multi-Family Rentals
If you would like to make an impact through a commercial projects, African Ministries International is seeking support for the building of apartments (flats) for rental purposes. This passive income will help us not only provide housing at a fair rental price for those in need, but will allow us to use some of the income for other projects in the local area.

• Donations of Canned Goods and Shelf Stable Food
African Ministries International is always seeking canned foods and shelf stable products for transport via a cargo container to Africa. Your gift will help us feed, clothe and assist families in regions of Africa that are stricken by poverty and poor living conditions.

Please prayerfully consider the above mission projects and we hope you will consider donating to African Ministries International. It is our mission to serve others and share Christ’s love and salvation.

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A Texas Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation
Our mission statement as stated in Article 5 of our Certificate of Formation and Article II of our Bylaws is as follows:
In general the corporation is devoted to charitable, benevolent, religious, missionary and education purposes. More specifically, the purpose of the corporation is to (1) spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God as contained in the Bible to all the world, (2) to provide for the material and spiritual needs for our brothers and sisters in Africa, including but not limited to Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda, (3) to send missionaries from the United States to Africa, (4) to send missionaries from Africa to the United States.Read Rev. Peter Ndamba’s Story

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