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“To all our partners and supporters,we need your continues support,soon this year as from 3 of March 2017 our container is going to be shipped,your support is needed,thank you,this are the items that we need.
1). 1 Tone Truck is needed in cash or you give us the Truck.
2). 4x4 Vehicle Rand Cruiser is needed you can donate in cash or give us the car.
3). 400 to 500 Chairs for our school little children.
4). A sowing machine embroidery,in cash or you can donate the machine soon.
This will able us to carry our duties in as such,our green house projects needs a Truck,our trips to Uganda,Mozambique due of our Roads we need a big Car to overcome the temptations of the roads,I’m looking forward to hear from you all and see our finances been covered all costs,thank you.

In His grace.
Rev.Peter Ndamba.
The President/Founder.

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