Africa, building

I want to share with you what took place in the year 2001-2002 as I was doing my trips to Mozambique and Malawi, I have been in places that no one could believe in Africa we have places that they don?t have a hospital, such as Nsanje, Zambezi area, Mocuba area, I have been in this areas it is God who help his people to survive, I went to Malawi Nsanje for my trip in the Ministry, I always have given hope to my wife and children, where ever I go, no matter what takes place, I have to call home for them to know that I am safe.

In this Journey I had so many difficulties; this was my first time visiting Nsanje Malawi. I left the City of Blyntire Malawi going down into this dip valley, fields of sugar cane; the road has holes in the middle of the paths. When I say difficult road to travel, I am talking from African?s point of view, what we call serious situations are very serious, if we say no it?s a good situation, it will be a difficulty for those who come form US, or Europe, because I have discovered that.

I couldn?t call home for one week, no communications, for almost ten days they never heard from me. In this place sometime the people there can take two weeks without a bus to use as transport, the raining season almost one month can go by due to the buses cannot cross through the faded Rivers, I drove my little car (VW GOLF) 1989 MODEL. That?s the reason I praise the Goodness of the Lord, when I called home after those days they thought, I was sick or I am dead though it was hard for them to say the word dead, but this is the truly what they thought.

In this place there are children who haven?t seen a car in some places I went there due of the condition of there living, sickness, disease, and all kinds of things affects this people. Thank God almighty that he cares for his people. The other day I drove from Zambezi River cross to Beira using the old road which I just been given the directions but I didn?t have the idea about this road.

As I crossed the old Bridge that crosses the River Zambezi, into Sena Province in Mozambique, the road was real bad, I could not turn back due to I had left early morning from Nsanje area, the Gas would not last to go back into Nsanje and then Blytire City, remember all these places, there are no gas, what you have, it must take you to the next place, which I was having faith that I will reach Dondo before the City of Beira, but the dangers where ahead of me. When I was half way in my driving I got stuck in the mud, or (sand) as I tried to drive out I couldn?t the roads all the cars they pass through this roads are Toyota Rend Cruise, 4×4, guest what kind of car I am driving into this ruff journeys my little car VW GOLF.

It didn?t have any strength to tack off from this (Sand road) it had just rained a few hours before I got into this place, all the roads slippery and the dirt in the middle of the drive way, I mean the sand. I arrived at this place at 1pm, I was there until 4pm, this is jungle, I mean the woods only you can hear the birds, and the noise of wild animals. I remembered my family, I thought I will die in these woods, this road it can take three, (3) to five (5) days no car pass with it.

But now this is the road that I am using it now, Lord Help.