=”147″ />In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I want to give greetings to everyone, amen. I pray that in writing my story your daily lives will be strengthen, encouraged, and emboldened to faithfully follow our Shepherd and Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Rev. Peter Ndamba, I was born as a Mozambican (Mocambicano) 11 July 1964. I was 15 years old when I left my country running away into Zimbabwe to seek refuge due to the war in my country. Now at 15 years of age I was leaving my parents, country, brothers, and sister, and my friends. I am writing my story today because you need to know about this someone who got hold of me, his name is Jesus Christ.

I was married on the 18 th of November 1989, my wife’s name is Lydia Ndamba, and we are blessed by God with three sons. My first son’s name is Stephen Ndamba, born 21 of June 1990. My second son’s name is Obedience, born 15 June 1994. Our third son is Rufara Prosper, born 11 September 2002.

How I knew the Lord Jesus Chris as my savior and Lord of my life! I am born in the family with three boys and one sister, my sister she passed away in 1997, her name was Elizaberth Ndamba. I have two brothers who are still alive first, Eria, which means Elijah, the second Bernad, I am the last son and last born in the family. My father’s name is Kembo N. Ndamba, and my mother’s name is Miricina S. Ndamba.

After my birth in July 1964 the war started in our country, since my birth I only knew war. When I was about 3 or 4 years old of age our villagers began to experience the effects of the war. Everyone were running away from their homes and running into the bush for safety. There were fire and heavy smoke due to the fighting of the Frelimo soldiers fighting the Portuguese government; these were the blacks in Mozambique fighting for their freedom.

The Mozambican population was divided into two groups, one group went into the bush with the freedom fighters called frelimo, the other group was taken by the Portuguese Government and putting them into a refuge camp called in Portuguese the Aldeia Communal. Life was very tough; my father was taken with the freedom fighters into the bush.

From my birth until I was eleven years of age this was the life I lived, I saw war with lots of deaths, always passing dead bodies in every place you go, there was no time for burying your dead ones during the war. The animals like the leopards, lions, hyenas they were feeding on the dead human bodies. There were dogs also, that were feeding on dead human bodies, and this is what I grew up seeing until I was 11 years of age.

The war in Mozambique lasted for 11 years, ending on 25 June 1975. I didn’t manage to go to school during the war, after the war I started my school. I could not go any further with my education because at this time we discovered that in Mozambique there was a second war. This war was the Zimbabwean Black Comrades fighting with the British in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean war started around 1967 and ended in April 18, 1980, so from 1975 though 1980 we had another five years of war in our country. When Zimbabwe took there independence on April 18th 1980 we started rejoicing not realizing that a third war was starting in Mozambique where the Blacks in our countries started another war this is the war that made me to leave my home country when I was 15 years of age. All the male boys and young men left the country, once again there were death all around. We all looked like we were all dead; we didn?t care for life anymore. During my school I managed only to go as far as the fourth grade, all in the Portuguese language.

When our President of Mozambique Samoral Moises Machel ruled the country he brought in the communist there were no bibles mentioned in any schools, churches were closed the keys were taken by the government officials, there was no mention of the name of God in our country. There were lots of deaths, poverty, hunger and sickness which were the way of life at this time. I went into one of my cities called Chimoio to try to find work and in the same time continuing with my studies. My parents didn’t have any money for me to go to school after my fourth grade this was middle of 1978 and 1979. The only work I could find in the city was to wash plates or clean in the house I was small what caused this was the poverty in the Country; suffering was our way of living. I needed to go to school; our government had started a program of learning at night classes for those who will work during the day this is where the crucial situation arrived in our country again.

In 1980 in the month of October I was in my country in the city of Chimoio, Mozambique, the war was so terrible that time, every boy and girl were forced to go to war, there was no choice. The Lord saved me, his plan is that,he did not permited that i sould hold gun to physical war, but he brout me into a spiritual war. Because my right eye got blind due of the deases during my birth time so the Frelimo Government said that I should not go to war due to my sight. Three times I was returned back to my place where I was staying, until I left going home to Nhassacara Catandica (District).

When I arrived home the government imposed a new law to every young male from 10 years of age and up to 45 years of age for as long as you are strong enough the order from the government was by force to go to war. Also the rebel in the bush was taking whosoever they will find in the fields. This was worse than facing a gun. I remember sleeping into the bush with my brother Bernad when I arrived home; you could not cough at night for the ruling government had soldiers seeking those to be taken into the war. Families were enemies to each other, if one neighbor children were taken into the war the next to go would be your children, they would report that they can see movement of children at this particular home. All the homes were empty as from 1980 everybody left seeking refuge in Zimbabwe.

As soon I got home my mother told me to leave the country and go to Zimbabwe to seek refuge, she prepared a meal which we call it Sadza it is made with white corn meal, she wrapped it in a piece of her old cloth, then she said go! I didn’t know where to go because I was only 15 years old a young boy who was never separated from his parents. My father he had gone to drink beer since he loved it, it was the game to all the Mozambican, drinking, smoking and getting married early.

The reason why our parents would drink strong drink all the time, they needed to remove the fear of death for one reason, and the other reason the Mozambican worship of our ancestral worship its covenant is on drinking beer.

The journey was three days from Mozambipur Nhassacara to Zimbabwe Katerere Nyanga District Rembo, Buseta. We needed a man and woman who knew how to walk in the jungle the area we passed through are where the lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, hyenas, tigers rhinos, all very dangerous animals reside. As kids running away from the war and going into another country, we didn’t know where we were going. But the Lord was with me Gen.39:2 !The Lord was with Joseph and he prospered, and he lived in the house of the Egyptian master. I didn?t know him but He was with me always through everything I through.

On top of the previous mentioned dangerous animals in the jungle, there were landmines in the path way, soldiers in the woods (good and bad), and there was a big river to cross before you enter into Zimbabwe. This river is called Kairezi it divides the borders of the two countries. In the river there are Crocodiles, Hippos, and over on the Zimbabwean side there was the Army patrolling along the borders. To cross over there wasn’t any dry land you had to approach only through the waters, guess what we were kids and we needed help. But the Lord was with me. Gen. 39:3, 21, And his master saw that the LORD was with him and that the LORD made all he did to prosper in his hand. But the LORD was with Joseph and showed him mercy, and He gave him favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison.

We were in the bank of the river, there were men who help transport people across the river into the other country but this was done only at night or early morning between 2am to 4am, before the soldiers started to patrol the bank of the river. If caught crossing into Zimbabwe without the proper boarder procedures and papers the soldiers would shoot you, and I was travelling without a passport.

Now remember I am still a kid, if you are not allowed into this country, you would be ordered back where you came from and if the Frelimo soldiers finds you, your reward is to be shot at gunpoint, the choice is yours.

You had to have some money to pay to cross over the river, there were no boats they used something called Kanus, which is made from the tree skins of those very huge trees in Africa, and they would seal them with other tree’s glue so that the waters would not get into the kanus. The payments I don’t know even now who paid for me, because I was very young and ignorant. If you happened to fall over into the river your would be a nice meal for the Kings of the waters the Crocodiles, if the Kanu started to get water into it you need to know how to swim, these are the first rules you are given before you get into the kanu.

As I crossed over you had to follow those that has a place to stay with their relatives. My father had a brother in Zimbabwe Katerere area, I required of him, and tried to find refuge at his house but he said no, which is very unreal in the African society to deny your brother’s child. Then another man by the name of Rembo Muzika he took me as his boy to work and take care of his cattle and goats, and to help him plow his fields. I was coming from a country where there weren’t any cattle’s my father never owned any in our area we only had goats.

I didn’t know how to speak the area dialect called Chihwesa it is different from my mother language,or my country language, we speak Cibarwe or Portugues. I would wake up at 2am to go to the field before 6am, to take the cattle for feeding into the mountains and back into the jungles where there are lots of bad animals about 5 to 10 miles away from the fields. I would be in the field from 6am till evening at about 6:30pm to 7pm you had to make sure you would have all of your cattle and goats, if you had lost one we would go and get the animal, without it don’t come back.

Romans 8:28,And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Luke 1:37, For with God nothing will be impossible. This is before I knew my Lord Jesus Christ, I experienced that when you are Gods chosen He owns you and there is no escape. I learned their mother language, my Mozambican name is Ceasartino or (Caesar) now here they werent able to call me it, they gave me the name MUJANA, which means the shepherd of cattle and goats. Praise the name of the Lord for His mercy endures forever and ever amen. I learned to cultivate using the plow with a cattle, I didnt always knew how and sometimes I could be beaten with the whip if I am not able to control the cattle.

Every thing has a beginning, as I am sharing this good work of God in my life, one thing in my heart I want you to know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, repent therefore if you haven’t known Him. Listen very careful, I didn’t have time to go to church or to learn about Jesus when I came into Zimbabwe. My work it didn?t give me a chance or time to go to church, the only thing I knew was to please my master and his family. There were a lot of lonely thinking of home and my parents, at this point I had never read or seen the bible in my life.

In 1980 the month of November, the Lord began to visit me in visions and dreams I didn’t know my Lord yet. I remember one man came at the place where I was working he prophesied to me saying the spirit of the Lord is upon me, the Lord want to use me, I didn’t have any idea what he is talking about. This was my first time hearing of the church people, and somebody telling me all these stories, about God and Jesus. In my father’s house I was worshipping my ancestral spirits, worship of the dead, your father’s father and so on is just a cicle.

The Lord He is always good to me; let me give you a clear picture. My life from my birth up to 15 years old I had never attended church nor has anyone in my family all the Ndamba’s including those that were in our area Nhassacara Mufudze District of Catandica. Our worship was only to please the dead, your father’s father, and great granddaddies. I remember I didn’t manage to attend school well because of that. All the time there were beers for pleasing the dead, asking them about the future and lots of things, this was my life.

All the children were trained to play drums in the traditional way how to make the demons happy ancestral spirits, to please them, to call them, to complain to them, to seek how to be possessed with the spirits. Paul said in the book of Rom. 1:18, 32. Paul said, For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness. These were the ways of living that we were taught.

Rom. 1:18,32; For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, who knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them. I remember talking with spirits when they had possessed a man or woman. Since we went through many difficulties and wars I was very angry with the spirits, in my mother’s life when she could be pregnant my little brothers and sisters died in my eyes, when I could ask my mother she always says the spirits are angry with us. Always it was that we didn’t please the spirits. Every month Beer has to be made to please the spirits,dead spirits, to call on the spirits to tell them something listen Paul said the Wrath of GOD IS REVEALED FROM HEAVEN.

THE WRATH OF GOD- this wrath bought sickness, poverty, disasters, enmity, etc. 19th verse, Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shown it unto them!. The only things our parents knew were to go deeper and deeper into the things of (Satan). Praise the Lord as I am speaking now my father and mother, they all died knowing the one who saved me His name is JESUS CHRIST. I want to be very clear to you on this message follow me very carefully.

Rom. 1:19, For God had shown it unto them. The word (THEM), this word it means so much to (US) me and my African brothers and sisters in the flesh. Each family they had their own savior, I am not talking my JESUS, okay I mean a savior the spirits guide that controls each family in there worshipping the devil.

Now this is heading into that if you tell your father that you are worshipping demons you have started a war that you won’t win, because in II COR. 4:4, Paul says In whom the god of this world. Rom. 1:19, II Cor. 4:4, Hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lets the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God should shine unto them. Who blinded them? The devil he put them into a box so that they won?t see, nor hear, not even can they reason themselves. Even if you tell them that there is Jesus how they can believe if there are blinded, JESUS CAN NOT SHINE INTO THERE MIND UNTIL HIS LOVE IS DEMONSTRATED TO THIS PEOPLE. There are lots of things going on now in the body of Christ that is stopping them.

Rom.1:19, because that which may be known, there are things that God He is revealing to the sons and daughters of the eternity. Why I am saying this, it wasn’t easy on my journey from war, running away into a refuge country Zimbabwe from Mozambique to Bible College, unlearned in the English language and God helped me to get through without knowing the language.

If I say not knowing the English language I am saying without going to school for that particular language, but the almighty God whom we serve he is faithful and reigns forever and ever more. My brothers and sisters I want you to understand me very clearly, in these days that we are living we take the things of God for granted, that’s why if I tell you, you can receive any Miracle from the God whom I serve, do you believe? Say yes or no, That’s the only answer that you can choose. Listen, be obedient to the Lord i will keep sharing in this Book of Romans.

Verse 20, For the invisible things of God, or Of Him, the word Him mean the Creator and his son Jesus Christ, from the (creation) now we are touching the creator here, of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal Power and Godhead. Here you and I we need to see the Power of God, that?s the reason I will tell you the fullness of God in my testimony.

Here the Lord appear to me in the month of November 1980, the Lord appeared to me in a vision I saw my Jesus, the vision was about the coming of the Lord and the Judgment day, if you will say there is no hell you are fooling yourself. One night I saw in my vision the Lord stood upon the mountain, his two feet as he stepped on earth the mountain split into two, in the middle of his feet, in the center it turned into a pool. While I was looking pool turned as the hand of a Man. As I was looking into this pool I saw all Human race great and small we were in this pool, within a period of short time the pool turned into Fire. I was in this pool of fire weeping crying in a great cry, every human race we were weeping in a great weeping. Suddenly on my right side stood up an Angel of the Lord. He asked me why I am crying, I replied that I am suffering with this burning of fire.

The Angel of the Lord asked to look on Jesus, when he appears there is no human flesh will stand in his glorious presence, I could not be able to look on him, then the Angel told me that listen what Jesus has for you. I couldn’t be able to stand, I listen My Lord telling me all what is happening today in our Ministry, the Lord said I am sending you to help others. Then the Angel of the Lord pulled me out of this pool of the pool of fire, let me tell you something here. Later on I discovered that what I saw in the vision is in the book of Zechariah 14: 3, 9, Then shall the LORD forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle. And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one.

When the Lord will return this is what will happen, I didn’t know that there was this word in the bible until I discovered it during my studies at the bible college, if you say there is no Hell read carefully this passage. When He will return His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, the mountain will split into two from East to West making a very large valley, this Valley that’s the Valley the Lord showed me turning into the pool of Fire, let God be God.

After I have been a shepherd for two years taking care of the Cattles and Goats, the Lord led me into the capital City of Zimbabwe which is Harare, listen there is not even a step that I took that God never spoke to say go. As I was taking care of the Cattles the Lord spoke one night telling me son I want you to go into the City called Harare remember here God is speaking to someone who doesn?t know the City being from outside of the country with no documents, no passport, a refuge, a border jumper and someone who is staying in the country illegal.

Always what helped me was to listen carefully to the voice of God, that’s the reason when he speaks in my life I will do anything that he says. In every country that I have been in my 42 years of age he speaks, you can believe it or not I don’t care what you say, because we hear him differently what I am saying is that He redeemed me from worshiping all those demons of hell, he brought me into the fellowship family of God.

Always what helped me was to listen carefully to the voice of God, that’s the reason when he speaks in my life I will do anything that he says. In every country that I have been in my 42 years of age he speaks, you can believe it or not I don’t care what you say, because we hear him differently what I am saying is that He redeemed me from worshiping all those demons of hell, he brought me into the fellowship family of God.

Verse 21, Because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, this is the kind of life I was brought up into, that is the reason when I say that he speaks I know His REALITY. I was in the demonic worship my father and mother they brought me into this teaching fully, I had the full understanding of Lucifer Satan, the Dragon, and the Evil one. I gave him all the foolishness worship, that’s why I am telling you my brothers and sisters that do you have the heart of listening to God In my life in my young age I met with Angels of God Almighty this is not boasting or putting myself in any great position but I want you to know the truth of God. We have other people in church today, if you don’t have the reality of God, you are a liar in your Christian life, and you don’t have the full measure of Gods Fullness.

When He told me to repent I saw his Holy Angel, when He told me to go to Bible College I saw his Holy Angel, when He told me to marry my wife Lydia I saw his Holy Angel. While my wife was two months pregnant with our first son I saw the Angel spoke to both Lydia and myself, that we will have a son and his name will be Stephen this is what took place he is now in his 16 years of age.

Let me tell you something if you don’t have the word of God or if you don’t believe in that word you are a liar.

Ps. 119:1 Blessed are the undefiled in the way, which walk in the law of the Lord!

If you don’t have faith you are a liar.
If you don’t take the word of God in reality you are a liar.
If you don’t believe in the Holy Ghost you are a liar. – If you don’t listen to the Holy Spirit you are a liar. Don’t tell me that I am condemning any one here Jesus say he didn’t come to condemn but the word that he speaks to us if we don?t believe it we are condemned.

John 3:17, 18, 19, For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. He who believes in Him is not condemned: but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

Mt. 3:7 John the Baptist say you generation of Vipers.

This will bring me into Judgment to my Lord and savior if I don?t speak the truth, that He has stored in me for the past 25 years now of my salvation in his Kingdom.

Neither are they thankful, this was my life in my childhood but mostly I speak for my people in Mozambique, my Mum and Dad, how they could be thankful while they knew not Him. They were living in darkness of demons the spirit of hell. They became vain in their imaginations and there foolish Heart was darkened?. If Paul saw it in the hearts and lives of the Roman believers, how much more into our hearts and minds.

The Burning of His Calling

As I started working in Harare, in 1982, 1983, and the beginning of 1984 the Lord started a war with me. Remember I was a new person in the City of Harare I arrived in the month of June 1982, with no work, I started to help believers in the capital City where taking care for our living, for day to day needs, food, accommodation, bathing, clothing. Now they say, how can you say this God starts to speak with you saying He wants you to go to Bible College? There the senior people of the city were saying, how you will interpret this? That’s the reason I am saying that when he speaks I know him very well we went to a conference in 1984, at the conference the Lord spoke to me in a vision that I want you to go to Bible College, I didn’t know any thing about the College. The senior people continue saying you don’t have any background, your father and mother no one told you about the Christian College, you don’t have the brother who went through a Bible college, and you don’t have any relative that is a pastor that you can ask about it. This is just God telling you from the Jungles. When I asked about the Bible college information it was like are you crazy? every one whom I asked about it they could not believe it , because one thing for sure they knew is that you have to have an education to apply for the Bible college, you have to have some money to pay your school fees, you have to have brothers and sisters there who can assist you to buy your day to day needed items, such as pens to write with, books, shoe polish in monthly bases, tooth past for monthly use or weekly use, on school holidays you need a place to go when the school is closed, I didn’t have all this, school fees were the only money I had that’s it.

Why this testimony is very important for me I see the great hand of Almighty God whom I serve, I want you after you read this testimony to call me; get saved, why do you keep doing those things that hurts the Lords Spirit? Repent in the name of Jesus get saved before Hell faces your life, the choice is yours.

In the Church Organization that I Fellowship Called (A.F.M. in Zimbabwe) the name taken from Azusa street California, Apostolic Faith Mission, the Founders are those man and woman who got the messages of John J. Lake, William J. Symo and athors the one who brought this massage to the southern part of Africa, South Africa, and then Zimbabwe which was called at that time Rhodesia and Nyasaland, and Mozambique Malawi they where in the same Region of there political division. Then John J. Lake came down to South Africa Ministers there believed in 1906 -1909-1910,a man by the name Cruger from South Africa he is the man was in the fore front of the Mission in Rhodesia, which is now Zimbabwe. So in this Organization we have leaders they lead provinces that time my Provision Leader was the late Rev. Mathew Mazadza. I remember him telling me that you are not called, how can God call some one without education how you will learn the lessons? Even he could not believe it too.

But one thing for sure I told him that God told me that wait you will see, he kept telling me that you didn’t here from God. Because the reason I needed him to get the message the Provincial chairman has to sign some documents that proves that you to the college that you are supported by the Elders of the Church, he refused, he said I will not sign these forms. Guess what happened the Lord Himself told me that God said to go to the Bible college and tell them by yourself, remember I still need to make my application to college first I could not write the letter of application, guest one night I was in my prayer room in my little house were I was working as a (garden boy) the one who keeps the garden and taking care of the flowers in the garden with the Colonial name this black person is called Garden boy” because always the blacks do this kind of job, special those who they don’t have education or foreigners.

The Visitation of an Angel

One night a man came into my room and asked me that I had something that I want to be helped with. I had forgotten about it, I kept talking to him then I remembered the issue I said oh yes, I want to go to Bible College. God he is telling me to go, but I can?t make the application because I can?t write in the English language, if I write in Portuguese no one will understand it. He told me bring me a paper, I gave him paper and he wrote with his own handwriting and then told me to copy from what he wrote then post the letter or take it to the College by myself. I went to the Bible College quickly as possible, they welcomed me and introduced me to the Dean of Man who was Dr. C. Murefu, and the Academic Dean was Dr. C. Murrey from USA, and Principal of the College Dr. and Mrs. G Rozel from USA.

They could not believe the story letter, finally Dr. G. Rozel said lets take him if God had spoken to him we will see it. And my Provincial Chairman refused to sign the Applications forms, you know what, Rev. Mathew Mazadza he was one of the lectures at the Living Waters Bible College (which is now called Living Waters Theological Bible College) the Lord showed him a Miracle because I passed his very course that he was teaching in 1986 its where I enrolled my first year, the Provincial forms where signed as I was graduating in 1988 in November the 28th the man who wrote for my application forms I have never seen him since, can you not see heavenly being here? When I talk the Miracles of Almighty God I have seen them, this is the Angel.

Verse 22 God said these words from the book of Romans through the mouth of our beloved brother Paul, Professing they to be wise they became fools.

Don’t say to yourself you are wise, soon you will appear a fool in his presence; all our worldly foolishness God turned it to his glory.

Verse 23 and changed the glory of incorruptible God, I serve the Incorruptible one, what about you? You can answer for yourself. That’s why I believe the spoken word of God, I use to take three (3) Bibles in class with me English Bible, Shona Bible, and my Portuguese Bible Shona Bible which is one of the dialect in Zimbabwe, remember my mother’s language here is Barwe from Mozambique now I am reading Shona which God gave me this language when I was taking care of the Cattles. The Lord opened my mouth to speak this language, to speak it is one thing for some African languages are easily to speak, but another thing to read it, write and preach from it that?s another story. Now, because some one might say in his heart been any African you can speak any language, yes but to read the language takes education and to write it.

My money that I had gathered before I went to Bible college only it didn?t take me any were, now before I go further in this one let me tell you this one, before the schools opened in January 1986, on the 11 or the 12th, I had a brother in my closest area who also had applied for Bible College he is still alive preaching in his own Ministry, a matured man, Rev. M. Musveva, when I went back to my little church in town of Harare telling other fellow church members that I will be at the Bible College the next month this was November, Coming December 1985, and then January 1986 in class, for my first year. Guest what I got discouragement and many people told me who is going to pay for your school fees? What about the language how you will write in class since you cannot read and talk the language? Have you ever been in the situation like this? You might be in now I have good news for you don’t listen to them just act like they are not there, believe me when you want to follow the Lord it is different things all together.

You Can’t Run Away From God

I decided to Run away from the capital City I said to myself I didnt hear from God if all this people educated ones tell me all this stories they know better, I didn’t hear from God its not God who was speaking its me or demons, in Africa everything if is not from God its from The devil. This same thing is every where too. I left my job in December went to Nyanga the District where I was born again where there are people that know me from Mozambique I tried to tell them the same story and here from there advise, guest what it was terrible, to tell them they complicated the matter, this is the place close to cross over to home and I had some money in my pocket remember I thought of going back home, but something kept me wondering.

Romans 1:24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves.

When I look back on my life and the life of my brothers and sisters in the flesh, the life of my Mom and Dad that we where so corrupted in the things of this world, our demonic worship it was because the mind and thoughts of our forefathers was dedicated to the devil.

As I said in my testimony when I went to Nyanga, I was in the running from God, not for God. The book of Jonah is the reality of what happened to me.

How Far You Can Run

Jonah 1:2 the Lord spoke to Jonah saying Arise go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it, what happened to Jonah? Did he follow the Lord?

This is exactly what happened in my life, in my running I thought the ideas of all man is right, guess what happened?

In my run, I lost my mind in the way, going crazy, been a fool, I didn’t know what I was doing and what was taking place there I didn’t have any idea whatsoever.

One thing that was coming in my heart in the inner soul of man is that, I was getting some visions of Dr. A. Murray the academic Dean, if I close my eyes I see him, this is about 300 miles away from the capital city Harare where the Bible College was.

One thing I remembered is that I ended up being at Nyanga District from Katerere area, which is almost 150 miles that I walked by foot unknowingly, don’t play with God, don’t fool yourself, don?t take God as one of the humans strengths, believe in the Lord and do what he has told you to do, don’t listen to any words that can take you from the plan and his (will).

When I got to Nyangombe Village Camp which kept the Mozambique?s from Mozambique all my senses came to me only I could hear the words in my ears saying don’t run away go to Bible College I need you. I close my eyes and I saw Dr. A. Murray the academic Dean, when I said into my hearts yes I am going all me senses came back to me. Finally I waited for the bus got into the bus to Harare, I arrived into the capital City and went straight to my church, and I have no job now and seeking place to stay with friends. The following Sunday Rev. M. Mutsveva, came from Bible College as a new student he saw me in church and told me that the College was asking about my whereabouts I didn?t give him any answer I didn’t have the words to say.

He told me that Monday morning he was to leave for Bible College, when he informed his wife’s Boss, she was a lecturer at the Bible College, who was teaching Sunday school class Mrs. Verdenback. Then she had to send a message to the place where I was staying saying you need to come early morning I will take you to Bible College. I didn’t have a way to escape again. As I arrived at the Bible College my, entire mind came back together in my full normal way.

Don’t Run Away from God’s Calling, you can do it for a few days and months, and years, but he will get you. Some can try for some quite a long period, but others cannot do it long enough He will GET YOU.

You know yourself ask yourself do I listen to him well. Do I hear from him? What I am doing is it what he told me to do?

There so many ways that we are disobeying Him, in the Book of Jonah 1:3 But Jonah rose up and flee unto Tarshish, we have our own Tarshish, turn back to God, brothers and sisters, you might be doing good things at the wrong place you know, I am not saying you are not doing something, Rev. C. G. Smith she always say, Half of the Battle is Understanding, if you start now to Understand what the Lord is saying now, he will help you and will be with you now.

The War Is Not Over

The war is not yet over, our Christian Life is the Battle, but half of this Battle is Understanding, begin now listen to me very carefully, what helped my life now is to follow carefully what he says both in his Word and in the Ministering of his word in Church, in the House of God. In class at the Bible college now I cannot understand English every lecture he, or she they Minister or teach in English few they will put it in the Shona language, now the war is still on but I was brought into the battle field not to lose the battle but to win because already the battle was won at the cross, with who? JESUS.

Eph. 6:10,18, Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in his power of His might. Pray always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints.

Roman 8:28 this is my favorite verse in the Book of Romans, And we know (I put I this way (and I know) that (all) things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purposes.

Don’t worry be happy in the Lord my brothers and sisters I encourage you if you don’t have anyone to tell your story too get hold of us call me in the USA number or my number in Africa, in USA I have come to discover that Rev. C. G. Smith she is given the inner understanding of those in Prison call, if you are drug addict call us, if you have lost your home, wife, children, relatives, you are alone right now call us, we will help you.

The reason why we want to assist you in the Lord because he has done great things in our life’s too. He can do it in yours. Many people when they hear a testimony or read a testimony from the book or hear it on the radio, or television they don’t take things seriously.

Now, there was a new battle that came on me at the Bible College, I needed toothpaste, shoe polish, soap to wash my cloth and for bathing, pen to write my notes in class, books to write my notes on, school fees to pay for my school studies, cloths to wear, socks to put on when its cold what do I do. I also needed blankets to use during night times, remember the training is three (3) years who will buy for you all these things? A new challenge came on; in all things have faith in God, no matter what may come in your life. Remember I used to pay ten cents Zimbabwe cents (10c) in those days for my school fees, fifty cents (50c) I have even the receipts from my days of college of this amount of money which I am talking about,$1.00 (one dollar) Name it I pay all kinds of little money that you can say, just recently in visit to US, I didn?t have the British pound that about $40 us dollars to pay, I didn?t have the money but the God I serve he provided me in that kind of situation it was my first time to pass through UK, London, Britain, the Lord whom I serve told me point blank through the Holy Spirit in my heart that where do you Put your trust on!

Read Psalms chapters 123, 124 and 125.

Read the word of God carefully don’t confuse yourself you do any thing if you don’t keep his word in your heart.