“Are you paying attention to God?”
This is one of the great significant question God asking his Children,”Open your eyes!Are you blind?You’re my servant,and you’re not looking!Isa.42:18-19.(MBT).

This is very crucial measures that God is taking towards us,each one of us we have something to do,once you loose your sight,you will loose your direction.
The solution is right here with God, he did not said i have blinded your eyes?but He is asking you and me that are you blind?which means i have to answer this question.He did not mad us blind,he is simple saying open your eyes!”You’re my messenger,and you’re not listening!

Brothers and sister we need to take this in a serious measures,God has said it,our duty each one of us to act on Gods Word.
Pray with me, Father in the name of Jesus, i repent on my disobeying you, and my blindness in my spiritual man that i cannot see your goodness and your power, help me, in Jesus Name,amen.

Be blessed,
In his grace.
Rev.Peter Ndamba.