I thought this would be the fastest way to get the GOOD news out to the special people in my life! From Monday through Thursday of last week a missionary from Africa by the name of Peter Ndamba came to my office to share scriptures and lay hands on me believing God for a miracle. As you know, the oncologist had told me that I had two types of cancer. One was Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which was a fast growing cancer and without treatment, I only had a couple of months to live. The treatments were terribly expensive and since I do not have insurance, I would have to pay in advance. In short, no money = no treatment! I do not qualify for financial assistance because I own assets etc. After I became bankrupt and lost everything, I could apply for financial assistance. It seemed hopeless. Peter reminded me that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. The first thing he was planning to do was steal everything I had earned so far. There was no guarantee the treatments would work. I could have still died after spending the money or would have suffered lifetime effects from the strong drugs damage to my body. The other type of cancer the oncologist said I had was follicular lymphoma. He said I was already in the last stage and probably had less than a year to live. I had tumors that were too numerous to count from my neck throughout my mid section to my groin area. The cancer had already spread to my organs and my bone marrow. Because of the tumors in my neck I was not able to sing. This was the thing that hurt me the most because I have always enjoyed singing. On Tuesday, the tumors had shrunken and my voice came back almost 90%! I knew God had touched me and even though I had believed from the beginning that God would heal me, now was the time for the healing to manifest. Last Friday I went to see an oncologist. The appointment was made so I could start treatments. I was required to bring a very large check as a deposit on the treatment and pay it before I could even see the doctor. By Wednesday I was determined that I was not going to accept treatment, but rather to just rely on God. This was a very hard decision, but one I knew I had to make. I HAD TO TRUST GOD COMPLETELY! On Friday, I kept my appointment. The doctor came in and reviewed my medical records with me and explained the treatment options. I told him that God was healing me and I did not want the treatments, but had decided to trust God. I told him that I could no longer feel the tumors in my neck and my singing voice was back. He then examined me and could not find any tumors in my neck or under my arms etc. He could still feel the large tumors in my stomach, but my stomach was not as hard as before. He could also still feel the tumor in my right groin. He said that I did not have Hodgkin’s lymphoma! If I had this type of cancer, the tumors would have already doubled in size and certainly would not have shrunken! He thinks the tumors that are left is the follicular lymphoma, there is no medical cure for this type of cancer. The treatments for this type are to only relieve the symptoms and do not extend the life span of the patient. Since I am in NO pain, he does not believe that I need treatment of any kind at this time! He believes the tumors are shrinking on their own. Keep in mind; I have had NO MEDICAL TREATMENTS! The only thing that I have done was prayer. Today was my son’s second birthday and we had a great celebration! Ed and I will have our 15 th anniversary on January the 28 th . Since we did not have a nice wedding when we married, we are planning a wedding to renew our vows! I pray that each of you will be there! Peter, I pray you and your wife are there, because I thank God that you took so much time out of your busy schedule while you were here to pray with me. Pastor Phil, you know how my Ed and I have always loved you and how dear you are to us! PLEASE PLEASE COME! My dear brother David, of all of my siblings we love each other so much! I want you there for this celebration! I want you there to rejoice with me! But most of all, I want for all three of you “special men of God” to come to know one another. Keep praying for me. I still have more healing needed, but praise God the healing has begun!!!
– Judy G.
Amarillo, TX


In order to understand the miracle of this pregnancy, we have to go back in time and explain a little history. I have lost 5 babies total over the last 2 years. I had two sets of twins and one singleton pregnancy. It’s funny… you spend all your life taking for granted that having children is a TRUE blessing. You think it will just naturally happen; the 2 1/2 kids, dog, cat, husband and white picket fence… wrapped in a pretty little package… until that very fairytale image you have in your head proves a fallacy and comes crashing down on you like a brick wall. We didn’t know why we kept miscarrying at first. Fortunately, I have a wonderful doctor who did some testing and I found out I have an inherited thrombophilia disorder that affects blood clotting. As a result, I’d need to do twice daily heparin shots or risk another loss (or more). We found this out after losing the second set of twins, and we gathered our wits and set out to try again. Though we got pregnant quickly, we lost another baby, a boy, around 10 weeks gestation due to abnormalities – something definitely out of our control.

After this loss, I hit rock bottom. I wasn’t sure I’d ever be a mother, and kept asking God, “Why me?” That wasn’t really the right question to be asking of God, I learned later. Little did I realize that it’s in His perfect timing that our heart’s desires are granted, and I needed to fully give over the control and trust in Him in order to finally be at piece with my grief as a mother whose babies were all in Heaven.

Which brings us to Pastor Peter. The morning we met Pastor Peter Ndamba, Annie, my sister-in-law, called me and left a message saying, “This pastor we met through a friend is from Zimbabwe (born in Mozambique) and he’s coming to our house to talk about missions.” She went on to say that she felt convicted that we needed to come over that night and meet him. She believed God was nudging her to tell us to be there; that we must meet this man. I called my husband and at first he was reluctant, but I told him that Annie seemed adamant and that we should definitely go.

We went to Annie & Ben’s around 6 p.m. and Pastor Peter, and Rachel (Annie’s friend) were already there. We were introduced and we immediately sat down to dinner. Pastor Peter’s story was a true miracle. Born in 1964 to non-Christian parents and raised in a time of war, it’s a miracle Peter is even alive. At a young age, God gave him a vision – in 1980 – that would become his life’s work. He didn’t even know God at the time, nor had he ever read the Bible, but he had a vision about judgment day and the coming of the Lord. And the Angel of the Lord told him he must go and minister to others. He had seen the vision told in Zechariah 14. Since that, missions and sharing the gospel of Christ has been his life. His testimony touched us and we knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that God is working in this man’s life to bring change and Jesus to the people on this Earth. He is one of God’s true followers, which is so rare in a world full of selfish entitlement.

That night after dinner, Pastor Peter prayed over me and my husband. We told him of our struggles, of losing 5 babies through miscarriage, and the utter devastation and disbelief we have felt over the last 2 years not knowing “why” God had allowed all these babies to die and go to Heaven. Annie and Ben were also there, and they graced their hands on me and prayed. It’s been a tough journey: a battery of tests, blood draws, inconclusive evidence and questions. It’s been a test of faith, a lot of tears and a fear of continued loss. At times, it’s been unbearable. At other times, there has been a glimmer of hope.

The night Pastor Peter prayed, I think I let go of the control. There was no place for me to go but to God. I gave up all my fear to God, knowing that life — and conception — are in His great and perfect hands, and not in mine. I was crying so hard there was nothing I could mutter afterwards… no words came to my lips. And when we left my sister-in-law’s home, Peter said to me in his heavy African accent, “I hold you baby when I come back to America.” There was a calmness in his statement that gave me pause. God has given Peter great gifts which he is using to change lives in Africa. His own life is a miracle. But two weeks after our prayer vigil with Pastor Peter, to my shock and surprise, we were pregnant. It was a definite miracle and the last thing we expected.
I’m now a couple days away from delivering our daughter, who is healthy and normal and has had no problems in utero. While I’ve undergone some spiritual warfare during this pregnancy, Peter has prayed with us and my prayer partner, Rachel, has prayed with me every night to bring this baby into a Christian home. By the grace and faithfulness of God, in his own perfect timing, our miracle daughter is almost here and we are so thankful. This is a blessing that has not only changed our lives and the way we pray and trust in God, but it has touched our whole family. To trust and rely solely on the Lord – that is what he wants us to do. Peter was and is a vehicle for God to help bring about this change in our lives. To him, we are eternally grateful for his servant’s heart and his gift of prayer and faithfulness. But we give glory to God for this pregnancy, for this amazing miracle, who will bless the rest of our lives and grow up to be a testament to God’s grace and faithfulness!
Susan M.
Orlando, Florida

I have so much to be thankful for. Thanks to you introducing Peter and for believing with us in prayer. According to Satan, I was not supposed to be alive for thanksgiving tomorrow. Thanks to a good God! Doctors still do not know why I am not sick or dead. It is a mystery to them. My doctor and nurse say it is a miracle. Happy Thanksgiving!!!