It is not an easy thing to get a miracle from God but if you just listen to God?s word you will see great things Jesus said this, it took me almost three to four months I struggled to hear anything that was said in my classes. I went into my prayer room and I asked the Lord why this Lord, you didn?t called me Lord. The Lord said to me I am with you, fear not, let me tell you something Miracles are not for the past they are for now, I can tell you the ignorance spirit can be destroyed by God.

What happened is this as I was in the prayer room; I saw someone coming close to me pulled something from my ears it was like there were some flags closing my inner hearing. When this person pulled this from my ear immediately I could hear all the English language and begin to put the words of English together. The following morning in class they were surprise seeing I am now writing notes slowly but sure.

I used to take three (3) bibles in class an English, Shone and Portuguese bibles to compare the if I could get the sense as the teachers when they read scriptures. God he is God of all miracles if you haven?t get one call on God he will give you.

Can you just think of it for a few minutes?

You don’t know how to speak the language?

You don’t know how to write the language?

You don’t have money to pay the course?

You dont have clothes to wear at the institution?

You don’t have the church to support you?

You don’t have a brother to call for help?

You don’t have a friend to call for the next most needed item?

If you want to see Jesus in your circumstance stand for Jesus, only Him Stand.

If you don’t have a testimony you might find difficulty to follow Christ, because other people they can tell you anything and you will believe it.

Ps. 91:1 The Lord says through the mouth of the author and the singer David, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.” As I view the word of the Lord now I see clearly when I was still a sinner I was blinded, not only sinners are blinded but even believers too, look what brother Paul says here.

II Cor. 4:4 “In whom the god of this world, the (devil) hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, (Sinners) Hos. 4:6 ‘my people’ Gods children, these are not unbelievers no, no, these are Gods own children, how many of us who are walking in darkness today? We need to repent from all evil ways that will blind us day and night.

Ps. 2 the singer says “I will say of the Lord He is my Refuge and my fortress; my God in Him will I trust?

How many of us will say these words in our hearts and believing it and living for it? Even myself being a Pastor if it wasn?t for the grace of God I could not see what I am seeing now I am saying right now because I didn?t have this when I almost lost the Call of God at the Bible College, I almost lost my eternal life forever and ever. I am not saying that I am in heaven now but one thing for sure I am longing for eternity day and night.

Ps. 123:1 “I will lift up mine eyes unto the Hills, (The Lord Jehovah God, Jesus the King) from whence cometh my help. What so ever you are going through lift up your inner eyes, your faith to Him only The King of Kings and Lords of Lords the savior of all.

Ps. 123:2 “My help cometh form the Lord?, where is your help coming from? You and me we need that great transformation from the presence of the Lord, “Oh Lord help us in your fullness.”

Let me tell you something If wasn’t for the Lord who could have told me about his great mercy…Through my life experience of following him I have seen his glorious hand. At the Bible college I passed all my subjects not even one failed, I mean all the subjects, I received my (Diploma in Theology) I am not saying that Diploma can give you license for eternity no. All of the bills were paid, and I came out of Bible College with lots and lots of clothing names it. I graduated on the 28th November 1988. I started the Ministry in the very following year in Mutare in the City Centre, 1989 January and then I was given my own assembly in Penhalonga Mutare at the Mine, I started there most my brothers in the Lord from my country Mozambique they came there to see me, almost every month I have a visitor from Mozambique, the first Pastors of the work in Mozambique where they got there training under my (interpretation) for God to prove all my Fathers in the Lord, I am talking this man and there wives they where very old and some of them they have been in Ministry for more than (30) years been Elders holding assemblies as Pastor without Diplomas or Certificates, the Missionaries from USA, Led by Dr. D. Wyns and his wife Jean, and other brothers from Canada, Brother Andrew, and Rev. Gen Caver to name a few, this where the pioneers of the Mozambique?s come to be ordained as Pastors with Certificates of attending seminars for 14 days. And all my brethren from Home Mozambique so they saw the hand of the Lord I was unmarried then, during the day I will be the interpreter from 4 to 5 teachers, at night they will continue to ask questions, remember all the teaching is from English now they all glorifying God for his greatness, most of the Pastors who received there credentials 1989, they are now dead been with the Lord if they kept there promise to the Lord, Pastor, Jorge of Chimoio he was the President, Pedro Artur Guinda of Beira was the deputy President there now late.

You might ask the question so what are you doing about your brothers in Mozambique now? We have churches all over Mozambique that’s the reason we need your support if you hear the Lord speaking with you do so, I cannot lead a church in Mozambique and Malawi as a local assembly Pastor because I will be in one location and the vision that God gave me is I am unable to describe it, the Lord is telling me to lead his servants and help them, we conduct seminars give them help and all the support needed for them.

You have to know one thing here that this young preacher he doesn’t have Passport, he came through the (Bush) now he is needed to go home. I must use the proper channels, the Zimbabwean Government wasn?t recognizing my staying in there country, others thought I am a runner, you are wanted home, remember I ran away during the war this is a crime it was a law that everybody should be forced to go to war. The Renamo who was that time fighting with the Frelimo Government after the Frelimo in Mozambique fought the Portuguese Regime, and then came Renamo who was one of the Guerilars during there fighting in 1963 that lasted until 1975 with independence of Mozambique on the 25 of June.

At one time my Mozambique Embassy took me into custody in there small prison almost took me home after they have discovered that I am at the Bible College staying there illegally without the proper documents, I was rescued by the college after they were told that Brother Peter is under arrest at his own Mozambique?s Embassy in Harare, they had thought that I am under some political trainings that if I finished my training then I would go home and fight.

Praise the name of Jesus for his great mercy that is everlasting to everlasting, you know that the greatness of God is forever and ever, as I was in the Ministry I needed to marry my wife Lydia she is from Mhondoro area in Zimbabwe, the African customs and traditions you have to pay her for you to be given her to become your wife through the wedding ceremony in church.

One you need money to pay for your wife first.
You need heads of cows (cattle’s) 6, 7 heads of cattle’s it depends on the families.
You need to arrange, wedding banquet for the whole church members to come and celebrate with you on the wedding day.

I didn’t have money to do all these things, I was getting in a month about $100.00 Zimbabwe dollar which is almost 20, or 25 cents of your money (because one American dollar in my country it will cost me now $450,000.00 Zimbabwean dollars now).

Praise the name of Jesus I got the money to marry or pay for my wife whom we call it in our customs Loborah you will need to redeem her, for her to become yours. I had managed to pay just 1⁄4 of the money that I was charged I didn?t have the heads of cattle?s. They gave me my wife for marriage in our churches in Africa, they will not allow that special to Pastors they will say have owe no man, but here you see I have been given my wife. I haven?t finished the payment yet, but a Miracle of God, in the year 2000, I visited USA, and as I was sharing the word it came to pass that at that moment a certain brother by the name Rev. Scott, understood the issue he gave me some money as I was leaving to Zimbabwe and he said go and pay your heads of cattle.

And that money allowed me to clear the heads of cattle that goes to the Father by the tradition, the mother she need the live cattle I have to give them that Cattle alive. So you can see my brothers and sisters in the Lord that there is nothing too hard for the Lord.

I have gone through this road you can go through it also, believe in the Lord Jesus and He will save you in his greatness, and trust in his word.

God is Great!

After my (Lobora) payment which is to redeem my wife Lydia, I faced the mountain called wedding, in Africa the wedding Party or food preparation is done by the man who wants her to became his wife, this doesn?t count the payment that you have already done. If you can?t trust in the Lord, I was invited to a church service to share my testimony, at one of my late friend Rev. D. P. Masiyambin in Masfiosi assembly, as I was giving my testimony in that congregation, there was an old man in the congregation by the name Mr. Chasiya he asked the Pastor if I had the (Cow) or A cattle for meat at the wedding ceremony? The Pastor replied to him that you can ask Brother Peter, after while we were in the Middle of the service the old man stood up and asked if I had the meat for the wedding ceremony.

Rom. 8:35 Paul says, who shall separate (me) us from the love of (Christ)?

This is a big question for you and me to think very careful, I have seen so many Miracles in my life, if in Africa in our Ministries we have video cameras and other Technological instruments to show you what is happening day and night in the field of Gods work, you would be shocked, this is the reason I am continuing with my testimony, for every thing that I saw in walking with my God.