God depending upon his servant, those who are called by his name,in his will.
The greatest concern from God the father,just think for fee seconds, if were you trusting your son or your daughter, maybe a friend, then they turn you down how do you fill like?what would you say after the event?

“God He is saying here,”You’ve seen a lot,but looked at nothing,Isa.42:20 (MBT),This means God has put all his trust in us, we are failing him, i know this trying to figure out how have i missed God’s plan? When was that? In which way? each one of us we need to ask ourselves a big question.

God’s saying from what you have seen you could be doing great things,from what you heard me speaking,you so me doing, you heard em saying it.
“You’ve heard everything,but listening to nothing,”Isa.42:20 (MBT).
What are you saying Lord? everything which ones? can you explain more Lord? this i my question i don’t know about you.
Father in the name of Jesus i repent from all disobeying you, help me now thank you Lord, in your nameJesus i receive your word and i do what you say, amen.

Thank you.
In his grace.
Rev.Peter Ndamba.