“Do not harden your hearts.”
God speaks to us in various ways, in different methods in many ways to convince us each day you live,there ways God demands us to obey him.
-Is your heart harden why?
-Maybe you are going through hardships which can course you to be hard in your heart.
-Is it because you are sick or going hungry?

God He is saying Israel rebelled in the wilderness, this wasen’t easy journey you know, what about our spiritual journey today we go through this pain things.
-Israel faced hunger.
-Israel faced thirst.
-Israel faced pain.
-Israel faced war in the way.
God He is saying they tested me, what kind of test does our God ask us,or tells?
-They tested God for forty years.
-How many years you have been serving God?
-How many times you have tested God or rebelled God?
Lets us pray that God will not go angry with us,with our children and the future of internal heaven,pray with me.
-Father forgive us from all our sins.
-Have mercy on us and remember us for your glory, in Jesus Name amen.