“God he is looking those with undivided attention indeed.”
“To give your attention is the key of all what you will accomplish,Jesus said let those have ears to hear what the spirit of the Lord says in Church.
“I Am Alpha and the Omega,”Says the LORD,”Who is and who was,and who is to come,the Almighty.”Rev.1:8,(NIV).He who has an ears,7vs, you have to have what takes for your listener.”

Many people in this world we look like we have ears, but we cannot take step of Obedience to God,let us ask ourselves do i obey God?have i done or did,do what He has told me to do?
If we don’t pay attention to God, we will give ourselves into the hand of the enemy,”Who handed Jacob over to become loot?And Israel to the plunderers?Was it not the LORD?Isa.42:24,(NIV).

Let us be careful indeed.let us pray Father i repent for my disobedience to your voice,teach me yours ways in Jesus name my Lord and savior amen.
In his grace.
Rev.Peter Ndamba.