“Are you fearful?are you cowed?”
This are question coming from God himself,from what God is saying here most of the time we put ourselves in prison, or our own place of failure.
“The Lord He is speaking to Gideon through the mouth of any angel,saying,”The LORD is with you, mighty warrior,”Judg.6:11.(NIV).

Gideon answering to God with doubt,saying.
– “If the LORD is with us,why has all this happened to us?13vs.
– “But now the LORD has abandoned us said Gideon.”13vs.

God says,”The LORD turned to him and said,”Go in the strength you have and save Israel from Midian’s hand.”17vs.
This is your word today God has much trust in you, do as what He says.Let us pray, Father help me to you always.
In Jesus Name amen.

This grace will take you a far.
In his grace.
Rev.Peter Ndamba.